Meet Some Characters

Mandy~ is teased relentlessly at school for her height (she was 5′ 10 ½” before age 12) by the Wicked Three – her nickname for Jennifer, Amanda and Kerry, the pretty and popular girls. But, when they learn about Noble and the Noble Spirit Horse Club, they want to join and be friends.

[Lt.] Colonel Paul ~ is a 38-year-old man who, in jeans, a gray plaid flannel shirt and worn cowboy boots, tosses a duffle bag and a few books into the front seat of his 1998 Ford Ranger. Along with two boxes of personal effects and one vinyl hangup bag, this constitutes his life belongings. He waves good-bye to the Veteran’s Administration hospital which has been his home for the past 10 months and swings southeast on I-76, heading for his first civilian job.

Matthew James and Natalie B. Adams ~ sign their names a dozen times, shake hands with the attorney in the room, and walk out as owners of a 452-acre tract of land with a dilapidated farm on State Highway 24 outside the town of Bixlerville. They have a light lunch and toast a new lifestyle ahead before going their separate ways – she to her own attorney office and he to the airport a couple hours away, where he is scheduled to pilot the next flight to Hong Kong.

Carol Gardner ~ looks at the clock, then at the bottle of wine. 10:55 a.m. It is okay, she convinces herself, to have a small drink this close to lunch. She looks around her beautiful house, sunshine streaming in oversized windows, no expense spared on furnishings. She turns on Bruce Springsteen music to take her mind off the unhappiness as she slowly picks up the corkscrew. She supposes this is not a good idea, and at that moment, she doesn’t care.

Kate Dawson ~ works hard sorting, coding and filing medical bills at her in-home business before doing her online lessons. She is determined to create a meaningful life for her and her daughter, Anne, in their new location. She hears a vehicle enter her driveway, then a car door shut, then a knock at the door. She sits motionless at her computer. Another knock. A few minutes later, she hears the car drive away, and she begins to cry.

Big Dan ~ racks his brain every day on his truck driver job for how he can start a business or make more money. Without a college education, he knows options are limited. He has to create his own opportunity. But what? How? He has a family to support, and the work is steady and not difficult. Little does he know that he’ll be laid off in two weeks.

Manuel Perez ~ works hard in his Perez Brothers Fencing business. He is living his dream of being an entrepreneur in the USA. He sends some money back to his elderly parents, and much of his extended family has emigrated to work and live with him. Some are here legally. Some are not.

How these people – and others – approach life, deal with challenges and overcome a variety of common issues will warm your heart, encourage your spirit and increase your faith in whom Mrs. Jackson always calls “the Lord God Almighty Himself!” You’ll meet her late in the book, and you’ll love her, too!