Joanne at Newport Fair

A Noble SpiritA Noble Spirit

An inspiring story of confidence, loss, love, reconciliation and the joy of horses, friends and family. You don’t need to be a horse lover to enjoy the characters and learn about horses! While the people and small town are fictional, Noble is real and true to his breed, personality and courage. He is owned by the author, and he inspires her, as he does the characters and readers.

Print: ISBN# 978-0-9706542-1-2  $14.95
Digital: ISBN# 978-9706542-2-9  $9.99

Solomon medium coverSolomon Says

dogprintAn entertaining overview of the innkeeping lifestyle through the eyes of the dog who lived and worked there as PR ambassador, crumb retriever and furry friend to guests.
ISBN # 0-986542-0-0 Retail   $24.95

SmallTownRest-cover-smSmall Town Restaurants in Virginia (2nd Edition)

From one-diamond diners to five-diamond upscale restaurants and everything in between, the author writes about 240 restaurants in 150 small towns in the Commonwealth. She paid for everything and chose which ones to include. You can’t buy your way into this book!
ISBN # 0-89587-211-0 Retail  $16.95 plus tax
(Out of print, Internet took over!)

RestaurantCover-smSmall Town Restaurants in Virginia (1st Edition)
ISBN # 0-89587-299-4 Retail  $18.95 plus tax
(Out of print)