Sharing horse experiences and writing tips to help you in your equine life and writing journey.

  • Publish in Future


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  • Electric Fence and Lead #3


    When we moved my horses to our 5.1 acres, I wanted white board fencing, of course, until I saw the price tag! Electric fence got my attention really fast for cost, not to mention we fenced more than 1,100 feet in a matter of hours and divided it twice. We keep spare posts, electric wire […]

  • Winter Water and Lead #2


    I’m not a s-l-o-w learner in everything. It only took one winter of smashing ice to insert a heater into this black water tank. That heater, tank and homemade support stand are in their 8th winter without failing. It’s easy to move by dumping the water and walking the wood frame end over end. We […]

  • The Hay, Tarp and Lead #1


    You can call me a s-l-o-w learner with horses, but I get there eventually. I’ve been putting out hay in winter for many years, starting with four horses (2 mine) at the neighbor’s next door. I’d load a wheelbarrow and push it over ice, through snow and mud and drag it when it wouldn’t be […]

  • Unnecessary Words and Horse Jackets


    I am virtually committed to essentially getting out this blog weekly just with some writing tips and potentially useful horse info from my actual experiences every week of the year. That’s a 29-word sentence with at least 14 unnecessary words, a redundancy on the weekly reference and misplaced modifier.

  • Happy New Year


    Happy New Year! Not sure I’m talking to anyone here yet, but I’m committed to writing a blog a week with potentially useful information on things I know, love and enjoy the most: writing and horses. I’ve been writing and editing much longer than I’ve had horses, but as I step into my 10th year […]