“A Noble Spirit”


It’s a horse story for all ages. The characters are fictional, and Noble, Cash, Kazi and Paloosa are real and true to their equine names, breeds and personalities.

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Against the back drop of a renovated horse farm where an Afghanistan war veteran (Lt. Col. Paul R. Silverton) begins his first civilian job and a girl (Mandy) befriends a horse (Noble), the reader takes a peek into the lives and challenges of everyday people. You’ll meet someone you know in the pages ~ a friend, neighbor, colleague, school pal or relative.

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One recent e-mail comment:

I read your book, finishing on Friday [after starting it Tuesday], when I could no longer put it down. I do not read modern books that much, so was surprised that you had an introduction-to-main-characters section, which I really appreciated and had not seen before. Also a delight: most chapters ended with a ‘hook’ that began the next chapter. I also liked the story. ~ H.M.A., Golden, CO